Working as a journalist and content creator in culture capitals such as Singapore and New York City has been a way of opening and priming my mind to tell your story.


Selected Pieces


Women in Tech – Series

Garden Beats – Series

The Age of Vintage – 1, 2, 3

Skinpreneur: Zoen Tay

Noontalk Media’s Timothee Yap: No Biggie for Timothee

PLUSEIGHTTWO: Korean Cafe Culture comes to Singapore


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EASE: The New Age of Taking Care

Meet the Singaporeans of Studyblr


National Day Grind – Series

Debunked – Series

Case Studies

The Straits Times

Served as a journalist for Singapore’s largest media and publications company at two different desks: News and SCHOOLS

Selected News

Carpe Bloom (Editor-in-Chief)

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“Stories center around a range of topics like relationships, art, and travel, including a recent three-part vintage series dubbed The Age Of Vintage


“Athena started @carpebloom , a creative community at the age of 16.”

Brain Juice Collective

In the era of the pandemic, we learn who we truly are.


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