• Asking for What You Deserve

    Asking for What You Deserve

    It was at a Gloria Jean’s. We had a blueberry cheesecake and iced mocha to share — not that these details were important. There were other important things, like the imminent sob-fest I was entering. “T”, I began. “I really think I’m going to fail.” The last word came out in a ragged breath, leaving my lips…

  • An Unorthodox Take on Taking the Risk

    An Unorthodox Take on Taking the Risk

    When someone tells you to take the risk, you usually take it seriously and think: What do you need to do more to step out of your comfort zone, what you need to push to redefine the limits you have set for yourself. I’ve learnt that taking the risk can also mean stepping back and closing certain doors.…

  • half-finished complete

    half-finished complete

    He woke up to the news that she had jumped from her flat on the seventh floor in a central location of their nation. She was gone. What else was gone was an emotion — there was a notable lack of anguish surging from him; no tears and no externalization of the breaking of his…

  • Upon Closer Inspection

    Upon Closer Inspection

    There’s a jacket tossed over her knees, but her knees still feel the bump-and-grind of the table, the underbelly of its cold surface, gliding across her thighs. The fleece of the jacket isn’t enough to prevent that squeamish feeling. She knows that there are wars and famine and military violations; heroes stripped of dignity because…

  • Bursting at the Seams

    Bursting at the Seams

    though I am so full I am so empty / bursting at the seams / walking along those beams. 

  • We Suffer [PROSE PIECE]

    We Suffer [PROSE PIECE]

     He breaks into half, splintering across the silence when his son speaks again. | an original

  • New Coat of Paint

    New Coat of Paint

    Outer order contributes to inner calm — Gretchen Rubin I know understand why they say that having a messy desk is the key to some form of disorganised, chaotic, downward spiral of a downfall – because we human beings understand the world we live in by windows – our own eyes, our own sight –…

  • A Shut Down Necessary

    A Shut Down Necessary

    I’m feeling the lowest I’ve ever been since…my last worst-I’ve-ever-been, and that’s because I kind of have been neglecting the idea of taking measures to not neglect my mental health. Ooh. Double negatives and double negligence. That can never be good.

  • Un-Mask Monday

    Un-Mask Monday

    “Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.” The above quote featured against a zen backdrop of a koi pond on my Momentum dash. I was most obliged and intrigued to save this quote (by “Unknown”) because of the immediate disagreement I had with it. Why is happiness defined by your…

  • ORANGECOVE: Officially Infinite

    ORANGECOVE: Officially Infinite

    ORANGECOVE released We Are Infinite on November 23rd. This has been the only time I’d willingly listen to people drag out the syllables of the word ‘Infinite’, because ORANGECOVE does it hella smoothly – the song is one of the best chill tracks I’ve heard this year. Let me tell you why I’d want the moments…

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