• We Suffer [PROSE PIECE]

    We Suffer [PROSE PIECE]

     He breaks into half, splintering across the silence when his son speaks again. | an original

  • Listen to Reason

    Listen to Reason

    I met a stranger in the skin of someone familiar. In June, 2015, I remember running to the sinks and turning on the faucet. I never turned on the faucet with my bare hands in school because the sink faucets were dirty as hell, and we all knew it.

  • How Conversation Left its Mark

    How Conversation Left its Mark

    via Daily Prompt: Conversation Conversation is a two-way street because it takes two people to interact, to form a connection, to constantly ensure that the other is enjoying each other’s company–whether they are opening their mouths to a heated discussion or simply basking in the presence of a common interest. Conversation – to me this…

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