• Asking for What You Deserve

    Asking for What You Deserve

    It was at a Gloria Jean’s. We had a blueberry cheesecake and iced mocha to share — not that these details were important. There were other important things, like the imminent sob-fest I was entering. “T”, I began. “I really think I’m going to fail.” The last word came out in a ragged breath, leaving my lips…

  • New Coat of Paint

    New Coat of Paint

    Outer order contributes to inner calm — Gretchen Rubin I know understand why they say that having a messy desk is the key to some form of disorganised, chaotic, downward spiral of a downfall – because we human beings understand the world we live in by windows – our own eyes, our own sight –…

  • Listen to Reason

    Listen to Reason

    I met a stranger in the skin of someone familiar. In June, 2015, I remember running to the sinks and turning on the faucet. I never turned on the faucet with my bare hands in school because the sink faucets were dirty as hell, and we all knew it.

  • Like Anyone Else

    Like Anyone Else

    V is Virginia Woolf and V is also for Validation. The two are not necessarily inter-related, but there is a certain something about her Vivacious life. — Do we just do what we love or do what we’re supposed to do?

  • How Many Times Have I Told You

    –dear girl, in this world right now, to live means to live with your eyes closed and your third-eye open; the third eye is not the devil’s nor is it the wandering spirit’s, but rather it is the window (that other people force you to look out of)–

  • Light to Night Festival 2018 : At Home in the Mud

    Light to Night Festival 2018 : At Home in the Mud

    The Padang was muddy. However, the festival wasn’t cruddy – Light to Night 2018 was pretty amazing. – We went on Jan 20, 2018…

  • One Minute To Execute the Change

    One Minute To Execute the Change

    The New One Minute Manager is a slim volume—one that I imagine is much slimmer than its first, older edition [the #1 Bestseller on Managing Your Work and Life]—and not what I expected at all. The book’s authors are Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, and both of them came together to write an awesome book.…

  • How Conversation Left its Mark

    How Conversation Left its Mark

    via Daily Prompt: Conversation Conversation is a two-way street because it takes two people to interact, to form a connection, to constantly ensure that the other is enjoying each other’s company–whether they are opening their mouths to a heated discussion or simply basking in the presence of a common interest. Conversation – to me this…

  • Protected: 29th December: The Scariest Week of my Life

    Protected: 29th December: The Scariest Week of my Life

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


    – a poem: exclusively to a fallen country? get up on your feet –

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