Loquere Speaking Programme

I started this programme because I was interested to know why people were scared of speaking in public, when they are good people, with beautiful stories and a voice to share it all.

Loquere isn’t about making you the best public speaker, but the programme is designed to give you confidence in holding up your end of a conversation, to excel on-stage or at that wedding, and to really, just work with what we have: which is yourself. Your wonderful, awesome self.

Welcome to The Loquere Programme.

Loquere — means ‘speak’ in Latin. But it also means to Tell, Announce, Say, Talk, Waffle.

The wide range of definitions reflects the different ways that you can use your voice. Maybe you use it to announce or say things effectively. Maybe you’ve been using your voice to just waffle around and not convey the messages you want to, with the appropriate degree of impact. TLP teaches you on a one-to-one, tailor-made basis, how to gain confidence of your voice.

By no coincidence, and with pun intended, the programme works by inviting you to lock away your fears. Other people will tell you that if you wanna speak well, you need to be in that comfort zone, that happy place. But happiness isn’t a place, it’s a journey, and to travel that path you’ve gotta be unafraid to cast your worries aside.

The Loquere Programme will enable you to push your fears away — and public speaking fears are often the most mundane of them all, so don’t worry, we’ll recognise them — to present even in the most uncomfortable of situations. Sometimes, it’s about acknowledging that you can’t change the circumstances, but you can change how you look at it. 

When you’re with me, slam all your doubts into your nearest locker, and lock it shut. We’re going strong from locker-room to victory.

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