teamCARPE’s depARTment  project brings photographers and artists from all around the world together, to reimagine and recreate life in spaces that are now emptied and dull due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Check out the ongoing series on INSTAGRAM, and support our featured ARTISTS & PHOTOGRAPHERS below (paired with sneak-peeks of their collaborative pieces):

Merging neighbourhood photography and digital art, the depARTment initiative facilitates collaboration while inviting our audiences to reimagine life before Covid-19.

Loquere Speaking Programme

I started this programme because I was interested to know why people were scared of speaking in public, when they are good people, with beautiful stories and a voice to share it all.

Loquere isn’t about making you the best public speaker, but the programme is designed to give you confidence in holding up your end of a conversation, to excel on-stage or at that wedding, and to really, just work with what we have: which is yourself. Your wonderful, awesome self.

Welcome to The Loquere Programme.

Loquere — means ‘speak’ in Latin. But it also means to Tell, Announce, Say, Talk, Waffle.

The wide range of definitions reflects the different ways that you can use your voice. Maybe you use it to announce or say things effectively. Maybe you’ve been using your voice to just waffle around and not convey the messages you want to, with the appropriate degree of impact. TLP teaches you on a one-to-one, tailor-made basis, how to gain confidence of your voice.

By no coincidence, and with pun intended, the programme works by inviting you to lock away your fears. Other people will tell you that if you wanna speak well, you need to be in that comfort zone, that happy place. But happiness isn’t a place, it’s a journey, and to travel that path you’ve gotta be unafraid to cast your worries aside.

The Loquere Programme will enable you to push your fears away — and public speaking fears are often the most mundane of them all, so don’t worry, we’ll recognise them — to present even in the most uncomfortable of situations. Sometimes, it’s about acknowledging that you can’t change the circumstances, but you can change how you look at it. 

When you’re with me, slam all your doubts into your nearest locker, and lock it shut. We’re going strong from locker-room to victory.


Official Collateral & Merchandise
Designed for UNASMUN 2018


Society is a living thing – it is made up of people, and as an individual driven to empower people in society, I aim to empower people’s experiences in learning and interacting with the world. As DSG Pubs & Design(expand title), I communicated with various organizers, partners and conducted conference rebranding, merchandise publicity and year-round publicity, with the aim of making an elite conference become an accessible and comfortable time of learning to over 1,000 delegates.

Carpe Bloom

Everything that I do is driven by my desire to connect and enable people to convey their messages creatively. As the founder of Carpe Bloom (, I have served as Editor-in-Chief, Director of Design and Partnerships, and am now fully focusing on leading my team of young women in partnerships and collaborations with international and local inspirations.

The team at an interview for the launch of our new column, Spaces & Places
(Left to Right): Angel, Shiori, Adele (our interviewee), Athena, Gabrielle

Carpe Bloom translates to seize the bloom .The phrase “Oh, you’re just a late bloomer” stuck in my head uncomfortably, like a gritty bit of food lodged between teeth — why should people have to designate themselves times to reach out for opportunity and expression in the future? Why not now?

“NEWSTAND”: A creative snapshot of teamCARPE’s issues

I decided to branch out into digital magazines, carving out spaces in the Internet for young people from all around the world with Carpe Bloom’s in-house publication, Carpe Bloom. Each issue has a different theme and offers youth’s nuanced responses to positivity and empowerment, corresponding to certain periods of the year (e.g ‘exam season’).

A short video created by previous team members featuring the events, coverage and work we do with people.

I’ve had the privilege of seeing team-members come and go, finding their groove in the creative system after being our photographer, videographer, primary or secondary interviewer, copy-writer. I’m so glad to have bloomed with love and even more passion for the creative community after leading the team in exploring different opportunities to interact with the world, and with the community around us.

Carpe Bloom has always been reflective of society and youth’s concerns and their future. I also encourage the team to take on their own ‘affiliated projects’ that have to do with different areas that the community is considering — for instance, food insecurity, fashion, eating disorders, and Women in Tech. #WITs is our latest column that we enjoy producing — from graphics to concept to writing — due to the direct source of inspiration it is for us, communicating all of these wonderful #WITs’ stories.

If you ask me, watching our readership grow has been a real delight, but the real reward is being able to enable fellow young people to feel confident in what they want to do or try out for a while.

Carpe Bloom Singapore is a creative agency for young Singaporeans who seek experiential learning in journalism, design, marketing and taking charge of their passions. 


What I enjoyed the most as Content & Marketing Intern at Praxium was the opportunity to create.

empowering every individual to write their own success story. (1)

I created and grew an audio series that highlighted potential collaborators’ work and current audience’s struggles in the job market or their chosen career path. This turned into The Soundbite Series.

The whole series can be found on their Instagram account, which I helped to rebrand.

A video I produced under 12 hours, using one camera and a box I found in head quarters.


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