It is a bit unorthodox – but I am a freelance public speaking coach. Ever needed to brush up on your presentation skills or learn how to sound confident when you pitch? From conversational skills to concluding at a large meeting, I aim to help all my clients put their best articulation foot forward. Here’s what some of my past clients (and now friends!) have to say about my specialised coaching, which works with their personal areas of struggle, tailored goals and unique linguistics framework that helped them to sustain their success in speaking.

They say if you want to learn, learn from the best, and let me tell you guys that Athena is simply the best! With so much expertise and knowledge, Athena was incredibly generous to impart it all on me. She also made the session lively and upbeat with her bubbly personality. If you need to know about her in a single sentence, it is that she has the ability to transform a kitten to a lion! (My attempt at metaphor which Athena taught me). Thanks Athena!

Ismail Ariffin, Marketing at Trident Digital

If you need to speak with clear thoughts and deliver your message effectively, may I have your attention; for Athena’s class can be a game changer for you. I am in the sales profession. Based on what I thought I had mastered in speaking in school, I did not achieve a sustainable result that can make an impact on my prospects. The issue was often that I found myself with cluttered thoughts and being tongue-tied during conversation or sales pitch. I have engaged Athena Tan for her linguistics expertise and her solutions were tailored specific to my problems and context. She has helped me understand the logic of using discourse to create space to plan for the next steps in my speech and how to go about it. I consciously applied the solutions, my thought process was clearer and I received positive feedback that I am no longer tongue-tied. She can make a positive experience in your communication style.

Francis Ong, Sales Professional in the IT Sector

Athena is an amazing presenter and thoughtful in creating a personalised presentation for me. It was great to learn some new concepts from her! You will definitely get a lot of value when you go through her presentation.

Billy Ong, Sales in Real Estate

Athena shared knowledge that was customised and immensely helpful. She displayed great professionalism, and could answer all the queries I had. I’d definitely recommend her for anyone who’s interested in public speaking and communication in general.

Cepheaus Chee, Entrepreneur

Athena is confident and knowledgeable about the subject matter, and made it very easy to learn more about speaking. Her presentation slides were a short primer on basic concepts that form the foundation of speaking well. She was kind enough to edit some slides such that they catered to what I was looking for, and also gave me some simple exercises that could be used for practice going forward.

Chee How Kwok, Investor and Business Leader

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