So we created it. At 7:30pm, the sun is about to set. If you can pause to look and ooh and ahhh, why can’t you stop to rest?

SEVENTHIRTY was created to address the issue of maintaining a work-life balance among young adults. The multichannel campaign reached over 4, 000 Singaporeans. We onboarded four local brands, generating organic traction for homegrown companies who believed in the value of combining mindfulness and technology. With Charmian Tan, former Mediacorp DJ and the face of SEVENTHIRTY, we tapped on new app Clubhouse to create defining moments of rest with a podcast format.


It’s a no-brainer – going to the gym? I make sure to plug in. AirPods in, I need my personal soundtrack. Hype anthems, fast rap, energetic techno. All my friends make sure to plug in, too.

Except one friend. Because he is partially deaf, and listening to music needs to be an act that is thought of carefully: what volume, what type of music can he best feel the beats too.

So we created SharkWaves. The team found that sharks hear through vibrations, and that #wearabletech had helped deaf people listen to music through vibrations as well.

Awarded in the Future Lions category for ‘SharkWaves’, a groundbreaking idea featuring ‘connected apparel that vibrates, allowing deaf individuals to experience music through their clothing in real-time.” – Ad Age, 2022

#BlueforJustice was conceptualised as a holistic, plug-and-play campaign that responded to a brief by Justice Without Borders, a non-profit organisation which needed to raise the visibility of its business profile among partners and potential sponsors.

The 1 HOUR campaign was born out of a question I had: Can young people make a difference?

Cliché, I know. But that was the truth. How many young people – still in school – can donate around five thousand dollars to a charity or philanthropic organisations on a regular basis?

Yet, each and every contribution matters – and taking the opportunity to cultivate an attitude of giving is essential. Hence, I wanted to think of a campaign format that was accessible to youth, who are often our #wokegeneration, and encourage them to get on board initiatives with a large heart and suitable donation, proportionate to their part-time allowance or income.

Food for All Singapore, one of Singapore’s leading organisations addressing food shortage and insecurity across the nation, partnered with me to commemorate World Food Day via a special social media campaign, with the aim of encouraging youth to donate what they could, given a cause.

Donation amounts could range between $1, to $60 between 8:30pm to 9:30pm. Armed with a concept for collaterals, I let the campaign go live. Within an hour, we raised one thousand and twenty five dollars, exceeding our goal.

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