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Athena Tan 2019
Goldbell Tower, 2019


Athena Tan is a student, speaker and founder of Carpe Bloom, an online publication featuring the original works of young people and artistes all over the world.

Advertising and building consumer bases are activities that dominate every social media post, Tweet or stream. Believe it or not, it’s happening — and possessing knowledge on how to utilise social media and its tools on various platforms is to your advantage

Interaction is becoming more personal; we aim for targeted content that increases the level of engagement and paves a feasible pathway for information to hit that sweet-spot.

While I ensure that I support all my decisions by education, especially by choosing to pursue Linguistics and H3 research courses in Junior College, I’ve also developed an innate instinct for building and creating networks on social media. That saw me through the creation and management of leading youth platform and my own brand name on Instagram.

Check out her work as Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Carpe Bloom, both a publication and online collective that has been empowering people to dare to dream and chase their creative passions since January, 2017. In the context of a highly digitalized world, it is essential to ensure that creativity makes the transition from our four walls to reaching many people around the world. #SEIZETHEYOUTH #DIGITALLEADERS.


See much of her work here. For Athena’s work as a columnist and Editor, contact her.

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