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Athena Tan 2019
Goldbell Tower, Speaking 2019


Athena Tan is a student, speaker and founder of Carpe Bloom, an online publication featuring the original works of young people and artistes all over the world.

 Her passion lies in exploring the world of the word through various creative projects, creating defining moments for others through writing and enabling fellow young people to showcase their work with confidence.  Due to her childhood spent growing abroad and at a multitude of diverse learning environments, she has spent time immersed in differing cultures, across the globe, and her unique childhood influenced her work as an adolescent. Her favourite thing to do would be bringing a smile or a new perspective to people who view her work.

From the ages of six and seven, two of her most raw creative works were selected by California’s school district to be published in their respective years of creation. Upon moving to Singapore, she has received two High Distinctions and two Distinctions (top 1% in secondary school group) by the University of New South Wales for her work. A debater for four years and participating in the Singapore Secondary Schools’ Debating Championships and Speak! Ventures for three, she loves to bring across her views and collaborate with others on theirs by using the floor to perform. In 2015, she successfully EmCee’d the Young Author Awards 2015, and was called back as an official Judge in 2017.

She will be speaking next year at the All In! Writers’ Festival, in which she handled four mentorships for lyric-writing and creative work.

Check out her work as Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Carpe Bloom, both a publication and online collective that has been empowering people to dare to dream and chase their creative passions since January, 2017. In the context of a highly digitalized world, it is essential to ensure that creativity makes the transition from our four walls to reaching many people around the world. #SEIZETHEYOUTH #DIGITALLEADERS.


See much of her work here. For Athena’s work as a columnist and Editor, contact her.

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