Un-Mask Monday: Secret to Fitness!

Click-bait lol. What I really meant to say for my title was – secretly wanting to be fit.

This has been my goal privy to the eyes of me, me and me only. Don’t get me wrong – being fit is a great goal to have, so if you have this goal – you shouldn’t be ashamed of shouting it, loud and proud, to your entire nation and housing complex. I’m saying that it was a “””” secret “””” goal of mine, because nobody really expects the chubby girl to want to try and be fit – right?

So now I’d like to assert here that it has been gREAT meeting people – friends! – who are mature and wise and give the best running/fitness test tips, that do not judge me for trying, and that try to support me. I think that that is the coolest thing ever, and if you ever need a friend to encourage you on your fitness journey, I’d gladly recommend my friends to you or recommend MYSELF to be your PERSONAL CHEERLEADER. And I deliver. Compliments. Lots. Prepare to get diabetes.

Ok, the thing is I’m not exactly fit yet so I can’t say I have experience or whatever – but the perception I’d like to un-mask is that: changing your eating/diet and routine for the sake of appearance isn’t worth it.

I’m trying to un-mask that perception for myself in writing, because within a week I have un-masked it for myself in reality. Seven days ago (last Monday – or Sunday – yay 8 days CHINESE PROPSERITY!) I tried to cut carbs out of my diet and exercise a lot more. For the entire week, I tried to stay focus to my goal and eat more vegetables instead of rice, soup instead of bread, eggs and tofu instead of more rice…And guess what! It kind of fell through. In all honesty, it’s really weird to cut out carbs entirely because your body’s energy will go down by a heapshitton.

Carbohydrates are large sources of energy. For the entire week, I had much less to say and much less enthusiasm to shout angrily / happily about / at things / people. So I switched the no-carbs to moderate-carbs and tried to maintain a regular exercise regime throughout the week.

Here’s the part where I assert this: IT IS WORTH IT.

You may be wondering – Athena, you couldn’t even stick to the dang diet, what are you saying?

I’m saying that it’s fun and worthwhile to try out new ways to eat more healthily, and switch up your diet a LITTLE each day or week to venture into new, nourishing combinations of food. I may not be fit yet, but at the very least, the insides of my body are cleaner than they were before. It’s a tad bit weird, but I feel better about eating and look forward to it even more knowing that I’ve taken an interesting approach / control over what I’m eating each day.