ORANGECOVE: Officially Infinite

ORANGECOVE released We Are Infinite on November 23rd. This has been the only time I’d willingly listen to people drag out the syllables of the word ‘Infinite’, because ORANGECOVE does it hella smoothly – the song is one of the best chill tracks I’ve heard this year. Let me tell you why I’d want the moments I spend listening to the song to be ‘moment(s) on repeat’.

Did you see that lyric reference? I hope you did, because I’m going to gush about a particular line of lyrics in their song – as usual – but particularly more so for ‘We Are Infinite’. I found this bit odd at first: “This moment on repeat / As simple as it is”, and the reason is because we typically here people use the phrase “as simple as it seems“. However, after listening to the song thirteen more times, the usage of “is” is something that keeps the song’s meaning so unique and special. ORANGECOVE isn’t being merely descriptive about moments or times that appear to be non-complex; they feel that there’s something so special about those moments, that they’re constantly in these moments. It’s so simple, so easy to slip back into those moments, that it’s a thing of the present. It’s a moment that ‘is’ simple; it’s not a ‘was’ of the past. And the thing about that one line is that to me, it gave clarity to the rest of the song and its title. They’re truly feeling ‘infinite’ by having this ability to slip back into a comfortable, enjoyable moment again and again.

we are infinite

I adore this song so much because of the way the lyrics echo some sort of message or reminder that we can always have happy moments to remember, and be in when we’re in these very confused and frazzled states in our lives. And having enjoyed ORANGECOVE’s music for their pop-rock and punk pep, I love the way this surprising, new melody and voices of their quartet and their instruments meld together to create this precious pocket of space in my mind with the reminder that we can ignore finite difficulties, and live in those moments that make us feel infinite.


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