Edson Charntor’s YOU is a real Charmer

YOU starts off with a bombtastic, stunning, vibing introduction that yanks one’s heart towards the direction of Edson Charntor’s voice. A true crooner, the silky quality of his vocals melds perfectly with electronic elements and beats that seem incredibly well-layered to create an exquisite melody. Then there’s the harmonization, and the na na na that is to die for – Edson Charntor manages to successfully serenade one- right from his studio.

Edson Charntor - Artist Cover.png

You is a song that talks about his true self during a party or a moment stuck in his happy bubble. “If I need somebody I would party with you / If you need somebody I would accompany you – company you” – besides a unique and stunning voice that adds a dreamy lilt to everything, the lyrics form part of an intoxicating collaborative narrative formed between him and his companion.

The 21 year old’s latest electropop song aptly encapsulates the dreamlike fun and enjoyment associated with a transition from youth to adult. The focus on You is important in drawing listeners into his dream, into the coming-of-age of a young man and a blossoming relationship. This is a refreshing take on romance and a night; You is rich with smoothly layered vocals and unpredictable throbbing beats.

Edson Charntor - You Cover.png

Edson manages to strike a balance between the grandeur of an overly-polished piece and the accessible, eternal summer electropop melodies that youth audiences can’t get enough of. It’s a beautiful, treacherous journey into a good night out, and you thank the Heavens you were invited by Edson. Listen to You here.


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