Disco Hue: RIGHT ON TOP of the music game

RIGHT ON TOP features a pleasurable eclectic wash of shimmer, pop-funk and an intensely fun build-up. With lyrics that make one’s heart soar with the boldness of it all – like “All my love was meant for you” and “Our love’s no secret”, us listeners are treated to a glorious, rich display of love that never truly leaves our bodies and minds.

I enjoy Disco Hue’s music (I nearly fell off the staircase seats at Funan Showsuite after seeing them walk around during Alec Benjamin’s showcase). Time after time, their songs are a bop.

I’ve listened to them at various festivals and music nights in Singapore, catching their smooth energy and catchy, unique melodies live (thank you for a wonderful time always, Disco Hue!). The release of Right On Top (Back to You) was teased as a ‘heist’, and the song perfectly exudes an 80s-90s era romantic thrill. However, as expected of one of Singapore’s leading acts, Disco Hue incorporated interesting ‘electric’ elements in the introduction (first eight seconds) and such an innovative twist on the pop-funk style mould the song is levied into creates an amazing, refreshing sound that keeps listeners intrigued for the next verse, the next chorus — and this curiosity keeps us listening until the song finishes.

What sets them apart are the direct lyrics “I can’t help it”, “Hold me in your arms / Bring me back to you”  in an imperative voice. The band utilizes such imperatives to build on a ‘ brave, strong love’ sort of narrative that is much needed in Singapore currently, a flash of daring light in a society darkened by caution. Right On Top (Back to You) was beautiful, poetic yet instructional, sort of contemporary, yet sort of a soda-pop throwback. Of course, the immensely talented and versatile band has done it perfectly.

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