pop!SUGAR signs off their email with Yours SUGARly. Has there been a more perfect band-brand dynamic?


pop!SUGAR had reached out to me prior to the release of their debut single, “Taste the Rainbow”, which charted on the Spotify playlists of New Music Friday Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Vietnam. The trio’s first adrenaline-charged, energy-high single also clinched a spot on Apple Music’s Best of the Week playlist.  “Take Me to Mars” enables listeners to continue riding the fun, electronic wave that is fuelled by an outpour of energetic production styles – courtesy of the pop!SUGAR trio.

2“Take Me to Mars” is a song about long-distance romance, featuring an adorable animated character who has to overcome this LDR struggle. Any follower of their Instagram (@pop.sugarmusic) would have been wondering what the dramatic reveal  of kid!FLOSS – one-third of the genius members behind pop!SUGAR – had to do with the release of their latest single.

On 26th October, we find out that kid!FLOSS isn’t just any old animated character, but our favourite long-distance runner in the race of love. ❤


The release of the song is accompanied by a funky and bright lyric video. Watch it here.

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