Is it Not Possible to Be a Noodle Soup Curator? – Part 1

There are many things that one is able to do with time. One of them is:

  • Taking all of the pictures of noodle soups that your  mother has cooked you over the past year of your O Level crisis,
  • Filter them excessively,
  • Post them on an Instagram account – with the intention to compose it entirely of noodle soup picture, edited c/o VSCOcam – and accompany such pictures with deadpan captions.

Nobody will comment on my noodle-soup pictures with ILLEST PHOTO or THIS SLAYS THE GAME or something like WOW, *heart eye emoji* SO THICC –

I hope nobody takes the liberty to comment that on my noodle soup gallery, for this is a pure place.

This is entitled ” – Part 1″ because HERE’S THE THING: This whole Noodle Soup Instagram is not a mere outlet, but an experiment I am doing for Very Official Research. What is the satisfaction of running a food Instagram? Do you ever feel the urge to stick your face in the feed? What about scenery, or cats? How do I stick to only noodle Soups?

Slurp around for Part 2.

Featured Image | My gallery of Noodle Soups. Definitely getting more on board. I need more videos of noodle soups #NoteToSelf.

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