There is this Golden Sunshine


There is this golden sunshine. The light that slowly filters in and pours into your room and fills it with a magical, fairy-like light, that makes you cringe in bed and toss-and-turn under a navy duvet  until your limbs find it within themselves to wake up and face the cold claws of the world once again. There is this golden sunshine that flickers in and out of door-frames like a persistent flame; ready to be extinguished by a whiff of water, a curl of lukewarm substance, a quaff of slick drops of saliva. It highlights the contours of one’s face and shines deeply, penetratingly, into one’s soul. It is this golden sunshine that highlights the gentle slops and lumps that you find in your flesh; it is this golden sunshine that sheds the spotlight on the ridges and grafts of uncertainty that lay engraved in white bone; it is this golden sunshine that plucks the living daylights out of you, slowly feeding off a bit of your soul, every day. There is this golden sunshine that shines upon the apples of your cheeks which have faced too much salinity in one lifetime, thanks to your softening resolve and limpid eyes that turn lachrymose in the quivering, golden sunshine. There is this golden sunshine that may sometimes shine so bright that it forces you to stay awake, opening your eyes the wilting wonder of the entire world and the beings that inhabit it; the golden sunshine draws your gaze to things that you would normally not seen, for you were kept in the dark. There is this golden sunshine that directs you to the slicked-back secrets that were once shrouded in mystery and many ‘i-can’t-tell’s; this golden sunshine strips one naked, down to the unevenly tanned complexion of one’s soul.


Many people don’t want to get burnt by sunshine, so they apply sunblock on their bodies—slathering an onslaught of chemicals on their skin—in futile attempts to save complexions creamy as pearls.

Pearls always looked better strung up on a pretty lady’s neck.

Many people don’t want their eyes to be fried by the Sun’s rays, oh gosh, all that ultra-violet; so they take a step back from their source of light and close their eyes for a little while. Surrounded by a cocoon of darkness, enshrouded in black, enveloped by the cooling sensation of utter nothingness

–how can people survive in this deep, dark abyss for so long?

<….for long….for long…

>> so long….so long.

© athenatjx

a/n: this is prosery.

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