Athena Tan is a student, speaker and founder of Carpe Bloom, an online publication featuring the original works of young people and artistes all over the world.

Her passion lies in exploring the world of the word, creating defining moments for others through writing and enabling fellow young people to showcase their work with confidence. Her favourite thing to do would be bringing a smile or a new perspective to people who view her work.

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Collaborations & Clientele include:

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Athena has also a quiet strength which shines through when she works on a project. Her eye for detail and her perseverance in seeing a project through to completion impressed me.
Athena would thrive in situations which would allow her space to try out new ideas. And I am happy to note that she has indeed proved it with the many projects she has worked on.

Catherine Khoo, Janus Education

Athena Tan is a driven individual, and her determination to better her writing craft has seen her writing from [YRC] at a young age, eager to take on writing assignments and to learn about the technical and stylistic switch from creative writing to journalism.

Carlo Pena, National Arts Council

They say if you want to learn, learn from the best; and let me tell you guys that Athena is is simply the best! With so much expertise and knowledge, Athena was incredibly generous to impart it all on me. She also made the session lively and upbeat with her bubbly personality. If you need to know about her in a single sentence, it is that she has the ability to transform a kitten to a lion.

Ismail Ariffin, Speaking Programme (Kalpha)

An enthusiastic member of the committee, she was able to influence the others in the committee to meet obstacles with a positive attitude. Her prior experience in managing a platform for young writers to publish their works online allowed her to contribute creative and engaging ideas relating to the themes of the newsletters and the writing prompts that readers could respond to.

Celena Oon, Gifted Education Branch Curriculum Planning and Development Division, MOE

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“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” —Pablo Picasso
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